Fast Fuel Meals

Check out Fast Fuel Meals powered by Nifty Enterprises. Fast Fuel Meals is a customised E-Commerce store for pre-made meals, SEO and Website Design by Nifty Enterprises.

Website Design – E-Commerce Store, SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design


Online Retailer, Food Manufacturer – shipping across NSW + QLD + VIC

Logo Design

“Simple, eye-catching, memorable” was the brief for the Fast Fuel Meals logo design. To achieve the clients logo design goal, we focused on clean typography, giving the logo just that “touch of fun”  with some serious business vibes. Complimented by the flame icon and then paired with the businesses existing colour palette, the final logo was exact to the brief and has since become the focal point of the brand identity.


“Separate our brand from the competition”. Easily said, but in a highly competitive online industry – not easily done. To achieve this, our team of marketing specialists conducted extensive market research. Together with the client, we were able to really find out the key differences between Fast Fuel Meals and their competitors, then use this information to create an informative and engaging home page, which highlighted all of the best and unique features, and placed this brand and their products above their competitors.

Contact Form

“Online shopping, with a personal touch”. Using a series of strategically placed contact forms, we were able to offer our customers help and support across all stages of their ordering process. It’s a relatively simple feature, but when used correctly, it has the power to give a customer confidence in the product and the brand – resulting in higher online conversions.

Website Features

Custom Delivery Dates
Custom Product Page
Custom Forms
Custom Shop Page
Order Subscription
Bundled Meals
Reccurring Order System

Google Analytics

Google Analytics statistics have been used to monitor this websites performance and growth over time. Using this data, we are able to constantly monitor user demographics, landing page activity, goal completions such as leads & conversions, and more. This data is then used to plan ahead for effective marketing strategies.


A Secure Way to Sell Online. As an online retailer with no physical stores, a secure E-Commerce solution isn’t just a piece of this business, it is the business. With this mindset, our team of developers spared no expense in developing a user friendly, but robust E-Commerce portal. Exceeding security standards set by banks for online payments, and paired with gift vouchers and multiple ways to pay, the end result is a powerful E-Commerce solution which gives customers flexibility, and confidence, when buying online.

CTA Banners

CTA – Call to Action are parts of the website designed to encourage user interaction. CTA banners have been carefully positioned on this site to convert visitors into customers, or a reader into a subscriber who can then be retargeted for conversion.

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