Sydney Hot Water Systems

Check out Sydney’s leading Hot Water Systems Sydney plumber, offering hot water repairs, installation, replacement and service, powered by Nifty Enterprises.

Website Design – E-Commerce Store, SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design


Hot Water Plumbing Services, Online Retailer

Logo Design

“Unique, memorable, but to the point” was the brief for Sydney Hot Waters logo design. To achieve this clients design goal, we started off with a simple design, which we then gave a personal touch with the iconic Opera House fins, and a custom “hot water” icon as the “O” in hot. The end result speaks for itself, with a memorable logo that tells a story about this business in one glance.


“Genuine leads that can be converted into business”. That was the goal when creating Sydney Hot Waters new home page. To achieve this goal, we built a page which was to the point, so customers knew immediately what was on offer. Paired with call to action offers and contact forms, we’ve been able to ensure that a high percentage of users who visit this site, are leaving their details down as a lead for new business!

Contact Forms

“I can’t always answer the phone, but I don’t want to miss any opportunities” To take the required man-power out of capturing the lead, multiple contact forms have been strategically built into this site, ensuring that any visiting customer has 24/7 access to leave their details and request a quote.

Website Features

Custom Forms
Social Media Feed Integration
Custom Product Page
Custom Call-To-Action
Custom Shop Page
Job Board Form

Google Analytics

Google Analytics statistics have been used to monitor this websites performance and growth over time. Using this data, we are able to constantly monitor user demographics, landing page activity, goal completions such as leads & conversions, and more. This data is then used to plan ahead for effective marketing strategies.


A Secure Way to Sell Online. The majority of this businesses work comes from boots on the ground. As a business though, Sydney Hot Water are able to offer more than physical services and boots on the ground, in fact they have a whole range of parts and products available for direct sale. By adding a secure E-Commerce solution to this website and offering these parts and products, we’ve helped the business expand their portfolio and introduce new revenue streams.

CTA Banners

CTA – Call to Action are parts of the website designed to encourage user interaction. CTA banners have been carefully positioned on this site to convert visitors into customers, or a reader into a subscriber who can then be retargeted for conversion.

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