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Looking For a Custom Website Development?

Having a custom-designed website provides your company with a distinct brand identity that sets it apart from its competitors.
Due to the fact that numerous companies use free templates that web design companies may access, a large number of websites are merely “copy duplicates” of the websites of comparable companies.


An experienced custom website designer will offer you expertise, creativity, and knowledge of what will and won’t work for your project. Using multiple CMS systems and coding languages, our bespoke web development team creates unique websites.

Wonder no more! At Nifty Websites, we specialize in the design of all kinds of website development.

Why do you need Custom Website Development?

Even though we could use templated designs to save money for our retained clients, our years of experience have shown us that templated designs don’t deliver customers the desired results that they’re looking for.

Custom UX and UI Design

A customized website design can help your brand communicate its unique personality to your target audience. Instead of using pre-built templates, our UX/UI experts create enhanced experiences that are customized to fit your company’s goals.

Designing Strategy and Planning

The beginning of any project is planning and strategizing, whether we are creating a bespoke PHP website, building a CMS, or integrating multiple sites.
Designing workshops, developing prototypes, testing, and conducting research are some of the things we do at the company.

Powerful CMS

The content management systems we use for custom web development are robust. A user-friendly interface will make it easy to add new content to your site once it’s up and running.

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Security and scalability

Securing and scaling your bespoke website can assist you in fulfilling market needs in an efficient way. Our experts ensure that your internal business systems are tightly woven into your bespoke processes.

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Website migrations

Our team of bespoke web developers has the technical expertise to ensure a seamless transfer. This prevents you from losing your hard-earned Google SEO rankings.

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Support and Maintenance

For your bespoke online solutions, Agile Innovation Packages provide ongoing support that ensures success, business continuity, and greater outcomes.

All the Work Done for you

All annual and outright packages include a 1 hour remote training session to onboard you. Please do read our terms and conditions for all monthly and annual packages prior to purchase.
Please Select Your Plan
Yearly ( Save 39.54% )
Minimum term: 12 Months
$99 / month
$299 Setup Fee
  • Free Hosting & SSL
  • design_services 1 Pager Website
  • We do all the work for you
  • edit Website Updates and Security
  • edit 1 Hour Access to Web Developer
$899 / year
  • Free Hosting & SSL
  • design_services 1 Pager Website
  • We do all the work for you
  • edit Website Updates and Security
  • edit 1 Hour Access to Web Developer

  • design_services Full Access to Website
  • design_services Full Access to Website

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Creating a Custom Websites

Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience needed to make your Custom Web Development project a success.
Want a great-looking, easy-to-maintain website? Perhaps you would like to even take it a step further and integrate your website with your business software to improve your company’s productivity.

Many of our solutions for web-based software are based on open source software. The programme can be completely customized, and you don’t need to pay licensing fees just to use it. Some of the open source tools we use in web development are PHP Web Development, MySQL, and Javascript.
This software helps you run your business more efficiently by creating and maintaining your online application.

The programmes that work best for you are available to us.
In addition to these programs, our experts can customize them to meet your individual needs. As a result, its capabilities can be increased by enhancing key features you will use the most. Our efforts do not end there, either. The training we provide goes above and beyond what is required! Taking care of the website on your own directly contributes to our success.

It would mean that our site was highly functional, user-friendly, and comprehensive, creating the perfect recipe for success!

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